Welcome To Crosbyton, Texas!

Today, we continue to boast of our abilities as we are living the vision Where the 19th Century Meets the 21st Century. We have found a balance in our community which offers a great quality of life located in rural America, our goals continue to include an emphasis on job creation, a commitment to the kind of education that prepares our children for the vagaries of this century, and the dedication to improving the lives of all our citizens.


Other communities continue to deal with population shift to urban areas, the struggles of farm economies, and the changing dynamic of the population which require new paradigms. But Crosbyton has moved past these obstacles and continues to plan for the future to ensure our success.


Crosbyton is a friendly community located 36 miles east of Lubbock on the edge of the picturesque caprock. Crosbyton has been very successful in combining its rich heritage with technology resources. Visitors will enjoy the Pioneer Memorial Museum, Mount Blanco Fossil Memorial, Prairie Ladies Multi-Cultural Center and the Veteran’s War Museum which all offer an outstanding opportunity to learn of our past. The Community Technology and Economic Development Center provides resources to enhance knowledge and opportunities while strengthening the local economy. The Center provides educational and job training through distance learning as well as business and economic development tools to new and existing businesses.


Through innovative downtown revitalization, community development and technology resources, Crosbyton has the resources in place and are enjoying success in the 21st century.